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5 Things You Shouldn’t Buy on Black Friday 2020

‘Jingle those bells’ shoppers, Black Friday has arrived. And with that we have gotten news regarding mattress sale Black Friday 2019.

The biggest shopping holiday on the yearly calendar is about to begin with some amazing offers already advertised by retailers. Technology products are still leading the race with cut throat price competition about to begin.

While the smartphone market is going to remain the same, holiday shoppers will be looking for super price slash offers but they should keep in mind things that they shouldn’t buy.

Winter Wear

With winter about to begin retailers will be reluctant to price down the crop of the season. Usually there are clothing sales through the year, so the seasonal winter sale usually begins after Black Friday.

You may not find the latest fashions in the black Friday winter sale

Black Friday is not the ideal time to buy winter wear and you should consider waiting till the Christmas sales have begun.

Video Game Consoles

Video game consoles have become extremely popular during the pandemic and shoppers will have saved for the latest gaming systems from popular tech giants. The disappointing fact however is that both gaming giants released their console in November which means there will be no real price savings.

Travel & Vacations

Times are tough and COVID19 safety requires everyone to avoid traveling. Due to the added cost of travel and accommodation, buying holidays may not be ideal during this time. Current travel requires quarantine, and following strict social distancing to maintain health safety.

Black Friday may offer very selected destinations for travelers with strict COVID19 safety information to follow. Travel enthusiasts should wait until the New Year to start looking for holidays and begin travel. Instead of travel shoppers should consider something from the mattress sale, Black Friday 2019 was to be a great year for bedding and linen products. 


Black Friday is not really the ideal holiday for jewelry, unless it’s a gift for the occasion.

While sales for these increase during the holiday season, it’s better to save and spend on alternatives. While expensive jewelry is bought to signify a special moment, imitation jewelry can be bought throughout the year with special deals and even customized for buyers.