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Comfortable Folding mattress for van:

After waking up sore when we are camping in vans, we knew that we wanted to make something more substantial from our old foam truck bed mattress. Especially if we would do. Our family long-term journeys! We looked back on the van during the early camping trips and tried to build a van that would carry a comfortable and multifunctional mattress to us because it turned out that the sleeping platform is our dining room and playroom in the worst weather. When you also want to build a great mattress for camping that will work in your little and potentially uncomfortable dual room (perhaps an SUV used over-nighters for the weekend, a camper turned over a truck topper turned), then we have your answer! We have it all!

When choosing a mattress to convert the van, we had two things in mind: comfort and simplicity. Our first concept was a memory foam bed and air mattress. But air mattress not that happy when it comes to it, and they take up a lot of time when blown up. We will have to inflate and deflate every day to allow us more space in the back while driving around. The air mattress was out; it sounds like a hassle to me.


The mattresses for memory foam are easy to cut and will fit in your van. They are relatively breathable and make an excellent choice in addition to sleeping for bench seats or covers. Two kinds of memory foam mattresses are available: a regular one and a gel-infused one. 

A typical memory foam mattress will be less rigid and will ‘cradle’ your body. A gel-infused mattress is more rigid air circulation is marginally higher. We opted to buy a gel foam memory mattress for our car. Gel infuse mattresses are cooler and can be split in the same manner as regular memory foam.


You would have a major difference in the amount of comfort in your mattress. The most common height for carriers is a four to six feet height. We went with a five feet mattress and were pleased with the results for a little extra comfort. Take into account vehicle space limitations. Each additional inch will get you closer with a mattress to the ceiling.

Some foam mattresses have a fiberglass isolation layer built to serve as a fire retardant. You can see this going off as thin, brilliant fibers when you are cut into the mattress. We suggest that you cover your freshly cuts mattress with a water-resistant mattress protector to preserve the fibers contained (and off your skin). Choose a mattress that depends on your comfort and space. We like the memory foam that is infused with gel, which is slim, breathable, and easy to cut.