Avaya Phone Maintenance And Support: Exactly What Do Customers Receive?

The treating of a company telephone product is something which a lot of companies want to place at the disposal of a 3rd party rather than consider again. Once they receive Avaya maintenance and support from the licensed company, they are able to just do that. Whenever a company uses Avaya maintenance and support by applying a completely located or managed telephone network, it receives the next important services, which be sure that the product is correctly configured and offers the greatest degree of functionality.


The very first benefit that companies receive once they implement a completely located or managed network is professional installation, including: installing telephones in workstations, installing PBX (Private Branch Exchange) equipment on location when the customer decides for any managed network, and programming the machine to supply maximum functionality. Since it helps to ensure that the sources from the network are correctly utilized, professional installation is among the most significant 3rd party telephone services a company will get.


Avaya phone maintenance is yet another advantage of applying a completely located or managed telephone network. An authorized provider of Avaya phone maintenance provides the full spectrum of communication management services, including: remote reaction to system alarms, onsite response when alarms can’t be resolved remotely, repair or substitute of malfunctioning hardware, programming to enhance system functionality, and scheduled service checks to make sure that sources are operating properly and correctly utilized.


As pointed out above, the company will remotely monitor the functionality from the network. This enables technical problems to become addressed rapidly with maximum success. While using correct diagnostic tools, a service provider of Avaya phone maintenance will resolve over 90 % of system alarms without setting feet around the customer’s property. Remote monitoring is provided at different levels. Whereas some companies just have the phone network monitored during business hrs, others require it monitored 24/7. Something plan could be tailored to meet the requirements of every customer.

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