Safe Driving This Winter Season

Driving Tips

Whenever you distance themself from the dead stop, remember to do this in second gear, this helps avoid wheel spin that doing exactly the same in first gear might lead to.

Climbing and climbing down hillsides may also be incredibly harmful once the roads are icy, so attempt to start (the ascent or descent) in a constant speed and preferably in third or 4th gear. Lower gear could potentially cause your wheels to spin with no grip which results of that could be incredibly harmful.

NEVER SLAM YOUR BRAKES. Gentle and gradual braking reaches an order during the day when driving on slippery surfaces, locking your tires could cause you skidding uncontrollably off course which will probably involve an appointment for your car insurance policy provider.

Things to retain in your vehicle

Being correctly ready for driving in wintery conditions is essential to doing this securely, so this is a listing of items to retain in your vehicle throughout the cooler several weeks.

o Jumper cables

o A Gps navigation (or current road maps)

o Tow rope

o A good snow shovel

o Tire chains (the right size for the fitted tires)

o Ice scraper (for the home windows)

o Warning devices (warning triangles, flares, emergency lights, etc)

o A first-aid package

o Warm blanket

o A change of clothing

So make sure to drive securely this winter season by driving carefully and remaining warn you will be able to pull through the frosty several weeks without getting to your car insurance policy provider once!

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